XYO Network
The bridge between realities
Public Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts March 20 2018
Ends May 20 2018
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    United States
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With over 1 million location-verifying beacons already in the world, XYO is blockchain’s first crypto-location oracle network. The XY Oracle Network (“XYO Network”) allows developers and smart contract creators to interact with the real world as if it were an API.

Built into the XYO Network’s cryptoeconomicssits ground-breaking tools for incentivizing both XYO Miners (crypto-location miners) and Token Holders (with Token Rebates), which encourage healthy liquidity, low transaction fees and long-term value.

In order to award those who purchase XYO Tokens during our current Token Sale period, all tokens that are not sold after the Token Generation Event concludes will be burned; thus the tokens one purchases during the sale becomes a finite, scarce resource, which benefits those who purchase tokens during the sale.

During the Token Generation Event, the XYO Token uses the Ethereum platform’s ERC20 token standard. To ensure a secure purchase of the XYO Tokens, we have retained a third-party firm to test audit our smart contract to comply with best practices.

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  • Arie Trouw
    Founder & Architect
  • Scott Scheper
    Co-founder & Head of Marketing
  • Markus Levin
    Co-founder & Head of Operations
  • William Long
    Head of Hardware
  • Kevin Weiler
    Lead Blockchain Engineer
  • Rasheed Bustamam
    Senior Front-End Developer
  • CJ McGregor
    Backend Blockchain Developer
  • Carter 'Big Head' Harrison
    Senior Blockchain Engineer
  • Erik Saberski
    Data Scientist
  • hristine Sako
    Head of Analytics
  • Johnny Kolasinski
    Head of Media
  • Jordan Trouw
    Customer Experience Manager
  • Ramy Touchan
    Head of Media Buying
  • Jon Broderick
    Head of Talent
  • Maryann Cummings
    Product Manager - XY Locate
  • Paola Batiz
    Head of Creative
  • Justin Fortier
    Consumer Product Manager
  • Jelena Boskovic
    Head of Administration
  • Kevin Stanley
    Head of Media & Partnerships
  • Steffen Vala
    Senior Multimedia Designer
  • Mike Stenger
    Senior Direct Response Copywriter
  • Naim Abdullah
    Head of Finance
  • Jenn Perez
    Senior Content Manager
  • Graham McBain
  • Tyler Arnold
    Support Development Manager
  • Ryan Pillsbury
    Senior Software Engineer
  • Tracie Hohoney
    Customer Service Supervisor
  • Nate Brune
    Blockchain Developer
  • Bob Nies
    Lead Android Engineer
  • Bryce Paul
    Business Development Manager
  • Becca Mora
    Technical Support Lead
  • Damien Seawood
    Technical Support
  • Jin Kwon
    Technical Support
  • Karen Toledo
    Human Resources Administrator
  • Jonny Marroquin
    Video Content Producer
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  • 1

    XY launched the world’s first hybrid GPS and Bluetooth technology enabled device – XYGPS. The company crosses 1,000,000 beacon mark and its blockchain based Oracle network is born.

  • 2
    Q1-Q2 2018

    The company mints the first XYO Token for smart contracts to access XYO Network . Development of XY Oracle Testnet to be completed. Rolling out of location-based blockchain protocol to its sentinel devices.

  • 3
    Q3-Q4 2018

    Launching of XY Oracle Main Network XY MainNet. API to be completed for smart contract developers to interact with XY Oracle Network. Release of XY sticker-based trackers for ecommerce packages.

  • 4

    XY to grow the global network of diversified location sentinel devices. Launch of SatoshiXY VitalikXY LEO Satellite Sentinels. Formalization of business partnerships with enterprises to leverage the benefits of decentralized, trustless location oracle.

  • 5

    Expansion of the global reach of entire XY Oracle Network.

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Pre-Sale and Public Sale info
  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    March 20 2018
  • Public Sale end
    May 20 2018
  • Price in ICO
    1 XYO = $0.02
  • Available tokens
Investment info
  • Accepting
  • Hard cap
    48,000,000 USD
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