The first mirror identity blockchain
Public Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts August 8 2018
Ends August 8 2018
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    China, United States

Introduce a brand-new consensus mechanism, Randomized Proof of Work to perfectly balance high performance and strong security, and apply multi-level authentication and encryption mechanism, Zero Proof, Identity Virtual Machine (IVM), Identity Network Sharding (INS), Identity Transaction Sharding (ITS), Enhanced Smart Contract, and other innovative technologies to create a new generation of Blockchain, leading Blockchain 3.0.

Usechain is dedicated to developing the first mirror identity blockchain ecosystem. Based on existing technologies in blockchain, Usechain becomes the first public blockchain to be built on Mirror Identity Protocol and integrated with multi-level innovations in technology and structure design,which can be used to break the bottlenecks in the development process of blockchain,provide infrastructure of technology for the virtual and parallel world in the future,build an identity blockchain system built on a new technical structure,develop more widely used Dapps and provide underlying technical support for the application explorations in finance,consumption,entertainment, socialnetworking,games,IoT,supply chain management,asset management and social management and add more value to identity by allowing people to be connected to the financial service provided by Wallstreet in an easy convenient and instant way.

Under the precondition of the same security level for privacy between identity blockchain and anonymous public blockchain,Usechain can provide infrastructure with support for Dapps applied in various industries by MIP and the separation of identity and identity verification based on zero-knowledge proof. At the same time, through multi-level innovations in technology and structure design, Usechain can solve the Impossible Trinity from the new dimension of identity and reach a perfect balance among scale, security and decentralization. With support in academic and commercial resources from top business schools, Usechain will work together with established companies from various industries to attract massive users and boost the fast development of Usechain ecosystem.

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  • Henry CAO
  • Baohong SUN
    Co-founder, CSO
  • Feng ZHANG
    Senior Financial Specialist
  • Erik XU
  • Andy ZHOU
  • Lin ZHAO
  • Gengnan SONG
    Global Community Developer
  • Liang ZHANG
    Technical Architect
  • Lucas LU
    Senior Advisor
  • Yin CAO
    Senior Advisor
  • Shangjin WEI
    Senior Advisor
  • Qian MA
    Senior Advisor
  • Allen YAN
    Senior Advisor
  • Stewie Zhu
    Senior Advisor
  • Jianfeng YU
    Senior Advisor
  • Jeff CAO
    Senior Advisor
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  • 1

    ● Determine identity-based blockchain.
    ● Research on algorithm of identity-based blockchain.
    ● Put forward the concept of identity tokenization.

  • 2
    Q1&Q2 2017

    ● Determine design principles and objectives.
    ● Compile development plan.
    ● Officially launch the Usechain project.

  • 3
    Q3 2017

    ● Design system architecture and basic protocol.
    ● Integrated planning of ecosystem.

  • 4
    Q4 2017

    ● Develop underlying public blockchain.
    ● Cooperate with partners to explore application scenarios.

  • 5
    Q1 2018

    ● Develop fundamental functions of underlying public blockchain.
    ● Develop address-identity mapping system.
    ● Certification Authentication Center Service.

  • 6
    Q2 2018

    ● Develop privacy protection system.
    ● Form core community and achieve 50000+ people.

  • 7
    Q3 2018

    ● Develop software-based RPOW consensus algorithm.
    ● Develop enhanced smart contracts.
    ● Develop consensus algorithm.
    ● Usechain testnet release.
    ● Achieve 100000+ people in the community.
    ● Launch the first DApp.

  • 8
    Q4 2018

    ● Set up sub-chain structure.
    ● Develop cross sub-chain communication.
    ● Build Usechain eco-fund to accelerate ecosystem development.
    ● Develop multi-industry vertical community.
    ● Usechain mainnet release.

  • 9

    ● AI system of address behavior analysis.
    ● Develop tokenized multi-node system.
    ● Develop hardware-based RPOW consensus algorithm.
    ● More multi-industry identity-based DApps.
    ● Launch decentralized exchange.

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  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    August 8 2018
  • Public Sale end
    August 8 2018
  • Available tokens
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    ETH, BTC
  • Soft cap
    2,700,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap
    9,000,000,000 USD
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