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Pre-Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts July 4 2018
Ends July 14 2018
Public Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts October 16 2018
Ends December 31 2018
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Tachain has been created by professional team of software engineers and
business developers in 2017. Tachain is the synergy of three elements: travel and transport application

“Tachain Transportal”, advertising platform “Tachain AdNet” and token
exchange marketplace “Tachain TMARQ”.

Tachain AdNet

Tachain is planning to create AdNet so that application users would be able
to watch advertisements while driving in a taxi, public or any other transport
and earn TCHN tokens for this. Advertisers will need TCHN tokens in order to get access to the platform and run their ads. Advertisers will pay app users
TCHN tokens for watching targeted ads.

We are creating the platform for advertisers and advertising agencies. Every
element of the platform will get benefits based on market conditions of supply and demand.

Users of Tachain application – taxi or public transport passengers – will also
get benefits. AdNet is revolutionary platform, which will allow passengers to
watch advertisements, participate in branding marketing events, lotteries,
games right during their ride and earn TCHN tokens for doing that.
AdNet will become an effective marketing tool and will be used by big
companies, as well as by small and medium-sized enterprises interested in
promotion of their product, service, or their brand in general. Advertisers will be able to buy advertising slots via convenient and flexible interface of
personal cabinet on Tachain AdNet. It will be possible to create advertising
campaigns using own marketing materials, as well as preparing them in our
creative constructor. When creating a campaign, an advertiser will have an
opportunity to deeply customize targeting settings based on geographical,
physical and behavioural patterns of targeted audience and chosen type of
advertising platform. AdNet will allow advertisers to operate with any
budgets starting from small testing budgets up until complete yearly
contracts, etc. Advertising prices will be determined by the market, based on
real supply and demand in particular advertising platforms of targeting.

Different types of advertising options will be added together with the growth
of Tachain business, preparation of technical and legal base for operations
with each particular advertising source. Our advertising platforms will be
available for: taxi service applications, screens in taxis, advertising stands in
public and road transport, public rail transport, external advertising stands,
Tachain Flame device, some specific Internet portals that are compliant with
our technical and business requirements.

Rewards on our advertising platform will be paid out in TCHN tokens based
on CPM/CPI, CPC, CPL and CPS models. The amount will be dependant on
market conditions and real demand for advertising.
Exchange of TCHN tokens will be available for all the users of Tachain
ecosystem on our own TMARQ or on external exchanges.

Tachain Transportal
At the moment Tachain application is a taxi booking app for the consumer
and companies. It is a full service taxi booking application for the taxi branch.

We organize the backend, trainings, customer service, marketing, screens in
the taxis and updates in the application. The only thing that the taxi operator
needs to do is to deliver a clean and convenient car with a friendly driver.
The application will have smart rating system for taxi drivers and users. All
the rating information and statistics will be stored in blockchain and will be
available to everybody using the network. In 2018 we will introduce Tachain to the market in the Philippines and from October 2018 we will start with 3000 taxis in the city of Manila.

Further the application will grow into Transportal through which users will be able to plan all their activities related to logistics. In general, application will become the one solution for time management and logistics planning.

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  • Demetrius Vallas(Ezaus)
    CEO | CMO
  • Eric Van Loon
  • Thayne Swindell
  • Claude Chi
    Ambassador / South Korea and Asia
  • Marcus Grabmüller
    Social Media Specialist
  • Cyril Ibude
    Community Manager
  • Khaya Maloney
  • Chen SiYuan
  • Kyomin Kim
  • Brian Condenanza
  • Giovanni Casagrande
  • Arpit Sharma
  • Shameer Thaha
  • Petr Myachin
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  • 1
    Q1 2017

    Idea and Founders

  • 2
    Q2 2017

    Formation of the Team

  • 3
    Q1 2018

    Creation of MVP & concept proofing

  • 4
    Q3 2018

    Launch of the crowdsale

  • 5
    July 2018

    iOS APP release

  • 6
    November 2018

    android APP release

  • 7
    Q4 2018

    MVP Launch

  • 8
    Q2 2019

    AdNet Launch

  • 9
    Q4 2019

    Advertising in public transport

  • 10
    Q1 2020

    Augumented reality advertising

  • 11
    Q4 2020

    Tachain Flame release

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Pre-Sale and Public Sale info
  • Pre-Sale 1
  • Pre-Sale start
    July 4 2018
  • Pre-Sale end
    July 14 2018
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  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    October 16 2018
  • Public Sale end
    December 31 2018
  • Price in ICO
    1 TCHN = $0.01
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    BTC, ETH
  • Soft cap
    2,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap
    10,000,000 USD
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