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Token sale is finished.
Starts November 1 2018
Ends November 30 2018
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Invest in world-class A.I.-powered trading strategies that have beaten global markets since 2012. Token holders get quarterly dividends from the entire Rise Ecosystem. Passive income. Forever.


Rise is a Germany-based software company developing sophisticated algorithmic trading
technology using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) systems. Its algorithms have proven to outperform major markets in recent years. Investors typically excluded from the consistent profits multi-billion-dollar funds made by using algorithmic trading will now be able to access the same cutting-edge technology regardless of their investment level – via the Rise Security Token Offering (STO).

Rise’s STO will introduce the RISE (RSE) security token, which will provide a long-term passive income stream for token-holders, derived from various revenue sources. Investors will be entitled to a 20% share of all algorithm licensing revenues. They will also receive regular returns from Rise trading algorithms. A further boost will be seen in the form of profits earned by leveraging RISE tokens with third-party lenders. All holders of RISE (RSE) will receive quarterly dividends from each of these revenue sources, resulting in a well-balanced, long-lasting regular payout via the Ethereum blockchain.

STO capital will finance the improvement of existing trading systems and development of new technologies to address additional market opportunities. STO funds will also support the public global launch of the Rise trading platform via the Rise mobile app, and will help to increase its assets under management (AUM) for the Rise algorithms. It will also be used to finance ongoing R&D and further expansion of Rise into global markets.

The history of Rise technology dates to 2012 as part of the German boutique hedge fund
Quantomrock Capital GmbH, which is licensed by Germany’s financial authority, BaFin. Rise is the evolution and democratization of those trading strategies and technology, now making them available to everyone. Rise is an established product with an existing userbase (e.g. >50 million USD committed asset-under-management) and already serves large hedge funds, financial institutions and insurance companies like LiechtensteinLife – one of Europe’s fastest growing insurance companies.

Rise is an innovator of scientific trading systems with a vision to not only adapt and optimize advanced algorithmic trading systems to cryptocurrency markets, but also to make this type of highly-profitable trading accessible to crypto investors via the RISE (RSE) token.

Rise’s automated trading technology targets some of the most efficient markets in the world and has outperformed stock indices like the DAX, the Dow Jones and the MSCI World since its inception in 2012 under the name QUANTUMROCK. These trading systems are now being specifically adapted to target cryptocurrency markets with even better results.

The RISE (RSE) token will be the entrance point for the Rise ecosystem, which will include algorithmic trading systems, a trading platform, investment funds, and the mechanism for licensing and usage of trading systems by third parties. RISE (RSE) token-holders will participate in the profits of Rise‘s algorithms, will receive a share of all licensing fees from banks and third-party funds that use Rise technology. The RISE (RSE) token will be a completely new asset class that can be leveraged as collateral in margin trading schemes that extend token-holders’ investing power by 50% or more.

The Rise mobile app will provide a comprehensive and user-friendly interface for the trading platform where users will be able to manage investments in funds, make trades on dozens of connected crypto exchanges, and monitor the accrual of dividends. App users will be able to invest and divest directly and transparently without incurring fees to middlemen as is typically required in traditional trading.

The Rise business model can be summarized as the development and monetization of
software that generates money in financial markets. There is virtually no limit to market
demand for financial products capable of producing substantial uncorrelated returns on
investments regardless of market conditions—precisely what Rise’s trading systems have
demonstrated for the last seven years. Rise targets a $84.9 trillion global asset management industry 1, but without the massive 3.17% fund fees2 normally charged on traditional fund accounts. The Rise algorithms, Rise app, and RISE (RSE) token will offer the most advanced high-tech trading technologies (normally only available to billionaires3) to investors usually excluded from these profits and advancements. Rise will offer this all with less fees and more transparency than traditional funds run by giant corporations.

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  • Stefan Tittel
  • Michael Morsch
  • Robert Gold
  • Simon von Poschinger-Bray
    Chief Platform Architect
  • Victor Bremer
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Dr. Roman Gorbunov
    Head of AI Systems
  • Maximilian von Wallenberg
    Head of Product
  • Felix Buchert
    DLT Specialist
  • Benedict Frauen
    Senior Program Manager & Authorized Director
  • Timon Hartung
    Online Marketing Director
  • Koung Tran
    Head of Software Development
  • David Beck
    Head of Client Relations
  • Nikolay Nadirashvili
    Head of Algorithmic Trading
  • Michael Zeller
    Head of Institutional Fund Management
  • Head of Institutional Fund Management
  • Advisors
  • Volker Rofalski
  • Markus Rinderer
  • Dr. Albert Wahl
  • Christoph Boeckle
  • Carsten Erdt
  • Mark Cummins
  • Sasha Borovik
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  • 1
    Q1 2012

    Start of Quantumrock (rebranded into RISE)

  • 2
    Q3 2014

    First Algorithms go live

  • 3
    Q4 2018

    Website & Campaign start

  • 4
    Q4 2018

    Public ICO

  • 5
    Q1 2019

    Launch full app version including all RISE trading features

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  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    November 1 2018
  • Public Sale end
    November 30 2018
  • Price in STO
    1 RSE = $1.00
  • Available tokens
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  • Accepting
    ETH, BTC, Visa & MasterCard
  • Soft cap
    4,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap
    150,000,000 USD
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