The FIRST Mobile eSports platform built on Blockchain technology!
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    USA, Canada

RewardMob is the first Mobile eSports platform built on Blockchain technology. Our decentralized Peer-to-Peer exchange built into our app allows users to trade RMOB tokens directly with other players instantly.

RewardMob’s eSports platform and mobile loyalty program leverages the speed and security of the Waves Blockchain to bring game developers and players together in a more engaging way.

All game developers inherently face the same common business issues. Finding new players for their game, keeping those players engaged and operating a pro table gaming business.

RewardMob has built a tournament based reward platform that can turn any mobile game into a competitive eSport. By leveraging the power of the blockchain we are able to solve these problems through better game discovery design, increased player engagement and stronger monetization methods. We achieve this by delivering players a more rewarding experience where they can earn, or win real life cash, prizes and tokens for their efforts.

The RMOB token is an incentive based token that is the central currency of our platform. It will be the fuel that runs our competitive mobile gaming landscape and our Pay-to-Play multiplayer tournaments.

RMOB tokens cannot be purchased directly from RewardMob. They can only be earned or won on or through our platform and apps.

RewardMob endeavors to become a leader in Free-to-Play and Pay-to-Play mobile eSports by helping mobile game publishers and developers achieve greater success, while creating a more exciting and rewarding gaming experience for players.

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  • Cale Moodie
  • Todd Koch
    Co-Founder & CEO
  • Colin Bracey
    Co-Founder & CTO
  • Thomas Newman
    Director of Gaming
  • Marc Jansen
    Blockchain Development
  • Andrei Gardea
    Product Manager
  • Alex Sunders
    Front End Developer
  • Brad Trites
    Marketing Manager
  • Mark Hoyt
  • Chris Barrett
  • Guillermo Manzanares
  • Dario Meli
  • Jeff Donnelley
  • Andrew Duplessie
  • Takashi Yanagi
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  • 1

    RewardMob Founded

  • 2
    Q1 2018

    RewardMob App Launched

  • 3
    Q2 2018

    RewardMob opens European office

  • 4
    Q3 2018

    Private Token Sale Launched

  • 5
    Q1 2019

    Launch of Pay-to-Play Tournaments

  • 6
    Q4 2019

    Launch of Pay-to-Play Beta

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    ETC, BTC, Master Card, Visa, Waves
  • Hard cap
    10,000,000 USD
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