Pre-Sale Stage 1
Token sales in progress
Starts January 15 2019
Ends May 14 2019
Public Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts May 15 2019
Ends November 14 2019
ICO details
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  • Country
    Saudi Arabia
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Pieta is a different kind of blockchain project founded with the purpose of increasing the use of solar energy in blockchain mining and other related industries worldwide. The aim is to reduce the cost of crypto mining and power consumption in the mining process in order to protect the environment from the adverse impacts of carbon release. Pieta utilizes the new X20 algorithm to minimize energy consumption in blockchain mining and make it more affordable for everyone.

The true vision of any decentralised solution provider should be to put the interest of one and all participants ahead of itself. This philosophy is embedded at the very heart of the PIETA Coin. Powered by the new X20 Algorithm, the Pieta Coin reduces mining electricity consumption by 50%. This coupled with the Pieta’s core objective of accelerating renewable energy adoption rate among common people, industries and investors makes Pieta the game changing innovative blockchain solution that benefits Pieta Token Owners, Pieta Token Miners, Business Owners, and most importantly society and environment at large.

Pieta (PITC) Roadmap

1 January 2018
Start of the ICO crypto platform development.

2 March 2018
Market research and team recruiting.

3 June 2018
released a block number as bitcoin pieta Block No (536600)

4 September 2018
Pieta coin becomes a separated coin from bitcoin fork.

5 January 2019
White paper release. Launch Pre-ICO sale.

6 March 2019
Partnership with top ICO platform exchange.

7 May 2019
ICO platform launched.

8 July 2019
Establishing headquarter powered by solar energy.

9 September 2019
Provide solar plants for poor people in Africa.

10 November 2019
Release the full wallet and its application.

Features & Benefits

Private (untraceable) Transactions

Thanks to the underlying blockchain technology, Pieta platform will facilitate completely private yet transparent transactions with no fraud activities.


The X20 algorithm of Pieta focuses on improving the speed of transactions which guarantees scalability.


The digital currency (Pieta token) will ensure complete anonymity to the token users.

Access to a point-of-sale network

Pieta will form partnerships with businesses around the world to expand the use and applications of the pieta token.

Easy-to-use Blockchain Mining Platform

Pieta focuses on increasing the mining accessibility to everyone through a user-friendly Interface with no need for technical knowledge to purchase or mine tokens.

Low Cost of Mining

Thanks to the use of solar energy and X20 algorithm, the mining of Pieta tokens can be done at a very low cost compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Low Platform Fee

Low energy consumption means low fees of transactions on the Pieta platform.

Mining Rewards

The X20 Algorithm is designed to reward miners for all their activities on the platform in order to incentivize a positive network growth.

Clean Energy Motivation

One of the major focuses of the Pieta project is to increase the production and use of clean energy resource such as Solar Energy in order to protect the environment from the harmful impacts of carbon released from today’s energy sources.

Decentralized cryptocurrency

Being a decentralized (ERC20) cryptocurrency, Pieta token is not dominated by any central authority and avoids inflation by being independent of the market trends.

High security

Pieta employs high, blockchain security standards to protect the investment and interests of its platform users.

Faster Transactions

The use of multi-hashing X20 algorithm significantly reduces block-creation time to 20 second per block. Less block-creation time means high rewards (1 block = 12 pieta coin).

  • Rawi Alsayed
    Investor & Founder
  • Mahmoud Ramadan
    CEO & Lead BlockChain
  • Mohab el sayed
  • Islam Khairy
    Senior UI/UX Designer
  • Ali Mohamed
  • Amed salioy
    Blockchain Developer
  • Azedine Alexander
    Networks Administration & IT Security
  • Mohsin Qureshi
    investment Advising
  • Diwakar Vikram Singh
    mastered many programming languages
  • Tanveer Khan
    blockchain programming
  • Frederik Lund
    ICO advisor, attorney, business specialist
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Token info
  • Token
  • Type
    ERC-20 Ethereum
Pre-Sale and Public Sale info
  • Pre-Sale 1
  • Pre-Sale start
    January 15 2019
  • Pre-Sale end
    May 14 2019
  • PreICO Price
    1 PITC = $0.75
  • Available tokens
  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    May 15 2019
  • Public Sale end
    November 14 2019
  • Price in ICO
    1 PITC = $5.00
  • Available tokens
Investment info
  • Accepting
    BTC, ETH, Dogecoin
  • Soft cap
    6,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap
    25,000,000 USD
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