Finding, buying, and owning real estate in New York City is difficult. We just made it a whole lot easier.
Public Sale Stage 1
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Starts June 23 2021
Ends June 23 2021
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    Cayman Islands
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New York City Real Estate Coin (NYCREC) is a Reg S security token offering that breaks down the barriers to entry for real estate in New York City.

NYCREC uses blockchain technology to tokenize New York City real estate in order to offer token holders fractional interest in a portfolio of properties in NYC. This opens up unprecedented opportunities for worldwide accessibility and liquidity in one of the most competitive and desirable real estate markets.

The New York City Real Estate Coin (NYCREC) is a Reg S security offering that presents prospective investors the opportunity to have fractional ownership in real estate or real estate related or other assets in New York City or its vicinity. NYCREC offers the following:

  • An asset-backed cryptocurrency, tied to ownership in properties in New York City or its vicinity
  • Access to an otherwise impenetrable market for foreign participants who do not have access to
    large amounts of liquid capital or local market expertise
  • The ability to get paid periodic distributions from profits in the form of airdrops based on the
    number of NYCREC tokens that are held
  • Periodic reports about investment activity.

Advantages NYCREC has over real estate funds includes accessibility for the international community, a greater liquidity than direct ownership due to the blockchain structure, and a more direct method to make an investment, which also provides a level of anonymity.

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  • Young Kwon
    Chairman of the Board
  • Charles Wyman
  • Alain Oberrotman
  • Barry Cohen
  • Steve Wasserman
  • Neil Benedict
    Chief Blockchain Officer
  • Paul Brownstein
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Dhiren P. Harchandani
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Raffy J. Ohannesian
    Financial Advisor
  • Serg Gulko
    Technology Advisor
  • Leonard Seelig
    Senior Business Advisor
  • Dan Foley
    Marketing Advisor
  • Han Lung
    Communications Advisor
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  • 1

    Run ICO

  • 2

    Liquidate Funds

  • 3

    Discover Favorable Property

  • 4

    Build Strategy for Cashflow

  • 5

    Purchase Property

  • 6

    Generate Revenue

  • 7

    Stabilize Revenue

  • 8

    A. Sell (OR) B. Refinance

  • 9

    Repeat Step 4-9

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Pre-Sale and Public Sale info
  • Price in STO
    1 NYCREC = $0.20
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  • Accepting
    ETH & BTC
  • Hard cap
    100,000,000 USD
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