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Jura Protocol: a paradigm-shifting suite of four technologies that together form the foundation for a robust new blockchain ecosystem. The Jura protocol is feeless, ultrafast, and provides the decentralized security required for users to rest certain that their transactions are safe.

Jura Protocol aims to design the next generation of blockchain ecosystem, thus laying the foundation for the new emerging technologies designed to facilitate the transfer of goods or execution of smart contracts in a decentralized manner.

This vision is possible through the four interworking technologies that Jura develops, all helping the emergence of a new class of DAG type protocol, the Fusus and a novel consensus mechanism called PoU (Proof of Utility). These innovative technologies, coupled with the DMDS (Dynamically monitored and distributed sharding) and the AI Security layer, create an ecosystem that is fruitful for the development of dApps and a decentralized governance.

Furthermore, innovation is achieved not only in proposing an ultrafast, lightweight and fee-less network, but in changing the paradigm, changing the way certain points of the network are viewed. This is the novelty in the Jura Protocol, as it changes the way transactions are viewed in comparison to the traditional blockchains. Traditionally they are viewed from a system-wide level and considered as an action from A to B. Jura’s view is to distinguish each type of transaction and to address them separately as they require different resources to process, thus the transactions are divided into send and receive transactions. This creates the foundation for a new kind of data structure, the Fusus DAG that enables the transition of information within the system in a fast and secure way.

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  • Iris Yang
  • Donglin Wu Dafflon
  • Cameron Wang, PhD
    Chief Cryptographer and Systems Architect
  • Alex Dang, PhD
    Director of Enterprise Partnerships
  • Xiang Ma
  • Seter Kwok
    Software Engineer
  • Jonathan Hsu, PhD
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  • 1
    Q2 2018

    Whitepaper was released and designed prototype of key components

  • 2
    Q3 2018

    ERC20 token generated. PoU based consensus framework and FUSUS released.

  • 3
    Q4 2018

    Sharding architecture integration and testnet launch.

  • 4
    Q1 2019

    Embed data storage and data persistent framework. Smart contract implementation

  • 5
    Q2 2019

    Virtual machine beta. Mainnet launch

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    20,000,000 USD
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