Joys Digital
We transform digital money into real goods
Pre-Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts May 6 2019
Ends May 31 2018
Public Sale Stage 1
Token sales in progress
Starts June 21 2018
Ends September 4 2018
Public Sale Stage 2
Token sale is finished.
Starts January 10 2019
Ends April 10 2019
Public Sale Stage 3
Token sale is finished.
Starts July 1 2019
Ends October 10 2019
ICO details
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  • Country
    Russian Federation
  • Whitelist/KYC
    KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas
    USA, China

Joys allow settling payments between Joys system participants and online or retail stores on the legal basis. We connect blockchain projects to the platform and provide integration with POS systems at sales points. This saves project teams that would like their cryptocurrency or tokens to be accepted in stores eliminates the trouble of complex, time-consuming and costly integration with POS systems.

We design Joys as a tool of convergence between a conventional monetary system and the new blockchain-based system to boost economy effectiveness. We expand the application of cryptocurrency of any blockchain project at retail stores and service companies; this way, we involve classical retail into blockchain community and add value to both cryptocurrencies in general and currencies of projects connected to Joys independently.


Joys is an open, global blockchain platform that integrates blockchain projects and cryptocurrencies into the conventional real economy. It is suitable for: Projects issuing their own cryptocurrencies or tokens; Owners of any cryptocurrency; Stores (primarily retail stores) willing to accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Joys allow you to legally carry out mutual settlements between participants in the system, Joys, and stores — online and retail. We provide a link to the blockchain projects, to the platform, and integration into the cash register at the point of sale. This saves project teams, who want to have their cryptocurrency or tokens accepted in stores, from having a long, hard, and expensive integration into the cash registers. Also, under certain conditions, they do not need to obtain a separate legal opinion in each country or buy expensive licenses. Using Joys, buyers will be able to use cryptocurrency in everyday life as payment for the partial or full value of goods or services. Such transactions are legal: the platform records them as payment through prepaid (gift) cards from the store, discounts or remunerations (bonus) in accordance with the rules of the loyalty program or marketing campaign, like miles, bonus points or discount coupons. All stores work with this, and they only accept fiat money in accordance with the laws of their country. Where cryptocurrency is allowed as a means of payment, Joys gives the ability to merchants to accept nearly any kind of cryptocurrencies in addition to all of the existing methods of payment. 14 The process of purchase and payment in modern retail trade is closely associated with incentive programs and loyalty. We predicted this at Joys. The seller can configure discounts, bonuses or cash back, launch marketing campaigns, or include mlm schemes attract new customers in the system. Tax payment and compliance with the laws of each country are the responsibility of the seller. But we check the source of funds and provide customer identification.

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  • Andrey Mikhaylishin
  • Sergey Zhdanov
  • Vladimir Tolmachev
  • Alexander Shamyan
  • Vladislav Gavriluk
  • Ivan Krechetov
  • Anna Genergart
    Director of Integration in Software
  • Sergey Manenkov
    Business Analyst
  • Ruslan Konovalov
    Head od Sales
  • Lev Shemetov
    Head of Partner Communications
  • Nikolay Smirnov
    Project Manager
  • Stanislav Lesnikov
    Project Manager
  • Mikhail Ivanov
    Safety Specialist
  • Sergey Berlinsky
  • Mikhail Gulev
  • Victor Kuznetsov
    Front-end Developer
  • Vyacheslav Tretyakov
    Inegration Department Specialist
  • Alexander Belykh
  • Alexey Zhdanov
  • Inna Churkina
  • Nikolay Ziborov
  • Jiang Xue
    China Community
  • Johannes Gugl
  • Jonathan Fianu
  • William Bryant
  • Irfan Parvez
  • Andrey Grachev
  • Vladimir Perov
  • Maria Agranovskaya
  • Rustam Ergashev
  • Roman Meister
  • Maxim Gladkov
  • Sergey Krassiy
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  • 1

    -Development of the Terms of Reference for the Joys system
    -Development of a crypto-cluster
    -Development of Joys API v1.5 (static QR)
    -Integration of the first project with Joys (Rate&Goods)

  • 2

    -Joys API integration v1.5 in POS
    -Joys Wallet v1.0
    -Joys POSapp for smartphones
    -Reticule application for JOYS cryptocurrency miners
    -Pool for JOYS cryptocurrency miners (
    -Personal area for buyer JOYS
    -JOYS application for clouds POS Evotor
    -Development of Joys API v2.0 (dynamic QR)
    -Joys Wallet v2.0
    -JOYS enter the crypto exchange
    -Development of marketing methods

  • 3

    -Integration of Joys API v2.0 and POS in Russia and CIS
    -Joys API v2.0 integration with POS in EU
    -Integration of Joys API v2.0 and POS in South-East Asia
    -Joys API integration v2.0 with POS in Africa

  • 4

    -Integration of Joys API v2.0 and POS in Latin America
    -Integration of Joys API v2.0 and POS in North America
    -Joys API integration v2.0 with POS in Oceania

Token info
  • Token
  • Platform
  • Type
Pre-Sale and Public Sale info
  • Pre-Sale 1
  • Pre-Sale start
    May 6 2019
  • Pre-Sale end
    May 31 2018
  • PreICO Price
    1 JOYS = $0.03
  • Available tokens
  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    June 21 2018
  • Public Sale end
    September 4 2018
  • Price in ICO
    1 JOYS = $0.05
  • Available tokens
  • Public Sale 2
  • Public Sale start
    January 10 2019
  • Public Sale end
    April 10 2019
  • Price in ICO
    1 JOYS = $0.05
  • Available tokens
  • Public Sale 3
  • Public Sale start
    July 1 2019
  • Public Sale end
    October 10 2019
  • Price in ICO
    1 JOYS = $0.05
  • Available tokens
Investment info
  • Accepting
  • Soft cap
    5,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap
    50,000,000 USD
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Token allocation model
Use of funds model