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FITBLOX is a fitness mobile DApp powered by the EOS Blockchain. It combines fitness tracking, social media, and an incentive-based motivational rewards paradigm.


Our mission is to motivate people to lead active and healthy lifestyles. FITBLOX users will benefit from gaining insights into their health to achieve fitness goals via feedback from our industry-leading FITBLOX DApp. More significantly, FITBLOX will empower users to leverage fitness tracking and community engagement to enrich their lives and benefit from the FITBLOX rewards system in a decentralized, blockchain-based symbiotic marketplace.

At FITBLOX we are revolutionizing the health and fitness industries by creating a stake-weighted, incentivebased social experience that rewards and incentivizes inspired healthy behavior. By leveraging the inherent benefits of distributed ledger technology; we’ll provide a safe, secure, and private medium of exchange between fitness enthusiasts and strategic partners within our purpose-built decentralized ecosystem.

FITBLOX will provide the support and access to an array of health and fitness-centric goods, services, and programs by utilizing our strategic partnership network. Users will enjoy community building, a nurturing learning environment, as well as a forum where they’re the star of their fitness journey.

Unlike centralized fitness tracking applications and social media networks, with FITBLOX, you’re always in control of your identity, your data, and most importantly your health. FITBLOX will disrupt the fitness industry by building an industry leading Fitness Tracking DApp (Decentralized Application) that will store user data and content on a secure blockchain, protecting FITBLOX’S users from the vulnerabilities of centralized data repositories.

The FITBLOX DApp will empower users to create an additional income stream while staying physically active. Users can be rewarded for interacting with and mentoring others with like- minded goals. FITBLOX will utilize a unique Stake-Weighted voting system which will encourage users to grow their voting/rewards power and encourage participation in our motivational user advancement model.

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  • Peter Dray Jr.
  • Brian Hazan
  • Ted Hekman
  • Craig Moore
  • Brandon Parker
    Blockchain Strategist
  • Nick Grosz
  • Tom Elliott
  • Stephanie Reibel
    Business Development
  • Karim Kanji
    Strategic Advisor
  • Michael Papale
  • Peter Dray
    Chief Advisor
  • Mario Martinez
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    Design Complete

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    Q2 2019

    Alpha Complete

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    Q2 2019

    Beta Complete

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    Q3 2019

    FITBLOX DApp Goes Live

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