The Future Blockchain Marketplace for Social Impact Renewable Energy Projects
Pre-Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts September 16 2018
Ends December 31 2018
Public Sale Stage 1
Token sales in progress
Starts February 28 2018
Ends June 23 2021
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    United States

ENTRADE IO is a block chain platform of energy funding, purchasing and selling by social impact energy project. In developing countries where the current funding structure is not functioning or developing countries where exchange fluctuations and relocation restrictions make investment virtually impossible, you can directly fund renewable energy projects and transactions.

Ten years ago in Ethiopia, working with for the German Ministry of Economics and Energy, my goal was to build a fully renewable micro-grid to power a small village. Back then, the technology was not available- power plants were expensive, big and tough to manage. Today, all of this has changed. ENTRADE technology combines state-of-the-art Soft-and Hardware-Automation plus Solar and Storage with the ability to bring reliable energy and clean water to areas most in need all over the world.

So why are so many people still without clean electricity and thermal energy?

It is because small-scale energy project funding currently does not work- this is what we need to change and it is urgent that we change it now! I want to see my vision of 100% renewable, sustainable, zero waste energy and water supply in my lifetime. In order to bring technology to rural off-takers in developing countries, we need to change the rules.

I believe that blockchain is the missing piece to help us bring our decentralized utility to all parts of the world! Smart contract ledgers, free flow of capital, dedicated token offerings for funding and direct donations will revolutionize the way small scale, high social impact energy projects will be funded in the future. We are incredibly proud to partner up with Schneider Electric, one of the largest automation companies in the world, and make the ENTRADE IO platform a reality.

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  • Julien Uhlig
    Founder & CEO
  • Michael Hofmeister
    Arensis Group CTO
  • Laurie Peters
    VP Strategic Communications
  • Dr. Moritz Husman
    Asia Head of Engineering
  • Peixian Liu
    Arensis Group Impact & Investment Associate
  • Felix Schmidt
    Financial Operations Manager
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  • 1

    Founding of Entrade AG

  • 2

    Concept of the small power station container

  • 3

    Acquisition of Agnion Energy Inc., a leader in biomass-to-SNG plants

  • 4

    Installation of the first ENTRADE CHP-90 Units (in cooperation with Spanner Re2)

  • 5

    Development of E3 energy generating unit, a small mobile biomass power plant (25kWel, 60KWth)

  • 6

    Development of E4 energy generating unit (50kWel, 120kWth)

  • 7

    Construction and implementation of 150 decentralized micro power plants worldwide

  • 8

    Development of E5 energy generating unit

  • 9
    Q2 2018

    Founding of ENTRADE IO

  • 10
    Q3 2018

    ENTRADE IO Launch

  • 11
    Q3 2018

    Pre-Sale Launch

  • 12
    Q1 2019

    Company ICO

  • 13
    Q1 2019

    Listing on Token Exchanges

  • 14
    Q1 2019

    Africa GreenTech Project Commencement

  • 15
    Q1 2019

    Indonesia Project Pilot

  • 16
    Q1 2019

    European Project Purchases

  • 17
    Q2 2019

    Platform Development Outline

  • 18
    Q1 2020

    Indonesia Project Roll Out

  • 19

    Innovative partnerships for development of projects

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Pre-Sale and Public Sale info
  • Pre-Sale 1
  • Pre-Sale start
    September 16 2018
  • Pre-Sale end
    December 31 2018
  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    February 28 2018
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  • Soft cap
    5,000,000 USD
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