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Starts October 30 2018
Ends November 30 2018
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    United Kingdom
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    Canada, China, United States

CryptoCurve is simplifying the complexity of blockchain technology. Our flagship application, the Curve Wallet, enables anyone in the world to invest, trade, and manage their cryptocurrency assets across any interoperable blockchain. Future products will include CurveSDK, a software development kit (SDK), that allows developers to share standard tools to easily build and create new blockchain applications on the CryptoCurve platform.

In 2015, the World Economic Forum predicted that by 2025 approximately 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be stored on cryptocurrency blockchain technology. Positive impacts of this shift include increased transparency, disintermediation of financial institutions, and financial

Blockchain carries the potential to shape industry, privacy, security, and the global economy. But it currently lacks an easy entry point, which has delayed adoption.

Cryptocurrency investors, whether new or experienced, face daunting barriers. To keep pace with highly volatile currencies across multiple platforms in exchanges that move far too slowly, transactions must use clumsy and non-intuitive management tools. The general public hears horror stories about massive hacks, black market dealings and fortunes being lost when a computer crashes. The more knowledgeable blockchain enthusiast is all too familiar with DDoS attacks, exchanges crashing, limited fiat gateways and an arcane system of hex addresses. These limitations lead to an environment of fragmented ecosystems, significant security vulnerabilities, and high barriers to entry. This Whitepaper describes CryptoCurve’s solutions: the Curve Wallet and the CurveSDK.

The Curve Wallet is a multi-blockchain platform that provides a frictionless experience, facilitating cross-chain transactions and smart contracts in a simple and clean UI/UX. The Curve Wallet simplifies and accelerates adoption for seasoned investors and the general public by serving as a turnkey product for all blockchain-consumer needs. Intuitive features in Investing, Trading and Accounting allow for custom pooling, advanced asset tracking and management, securities-compliant ICO investing, in-app trading via a decentralized exchange, and easy transactions through fiat gateways.

As with the barriers to mass adoption from a user’s perspective, there are similar concerns with obtaining adoption at a developer level. Current dApp developers must maintain their own nodes and infrastructure, all the while lacking resources and ready-made tools, costing in time and effort.

CryptoCurve accelerates development by creating the CurveSDK — an all-inclusive and standardized environment similar to the convenience provided by Amazon Web Services. By providing the infrastructure and the ecosystem, CryptoCurve will allow developers to focus their efforts on the blockchain solutions their dApps are looking to provide.

The Curve Wallet and CurveSDK solutions described in this Whitepaper are the first steps toward building an ecosystem that will break down existing technological barriers and drive global blockchain adoption.

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  • Josh Halferty
    Founder & CEO
  • Andre Cronje
    Blockchain Infrastructure Engineer
  • Xander Yi
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Andrew Wheeler
    VP of Marketing
  • Alex Lenart
    Creator of Experience
  • Anton Nell
    Web/Mobile Engineer
  • Andrew Kerrison
  • Sean McGurk
  • Anna Santayana
    Marketing & Operations
  • Paul Landingin
    Enterprise Development
  • Eunice Lee
    Human Resources, Office Manager
  • Adam Fisher
  • Jason Sheldon
  • Claude Norval
  • Oliver Smith
    Business Development
  • Craig Barger
    Community Management
  • Dustin Byington
  • Mark Ashelford
  • Rajesh Gopi
  • Addison Huegel
    Public Relations
  • Tim Bukher
  • Dr. Moe Levin
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  • 1
    Q3 2017

    Company Founded: CryptoCurve was conceptualized

    First Product: Uncapped ETH ICO pooling

  • 2
    Q2 2018

    Company Founded: CryptoCurve was conceptualized

    First Product: Uncapped ETH ICO pooling

  • 3
    Q3 2018

    Integrated KYC

    Wanchain ICO Pooling: Allow custom pooling for Wanchain ICOs

    Buy Into ICOs From Curve Wallet: Allow users to participate in ICOs directly from wallet

    ICO Staking

  • 4
    Q4 2018

    Decentralized Exchange Integration

    Ethereum Pooling

  • 5
    Q1 2019

    Curve SDK

  • 6
    Q2 2019

    Fiat Gateway

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  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    October 30 2018
  • Public Sale end
    November 30 2018
  • Price in ICO
    1 CURV = $0.20
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    ETH & WAN
  • Hard cap
    6,000,000 USD
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