Blockchain Agnostic Data Integrity and Management Platform
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Starts June 23 2021
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Blockchain Agnostic Data Integrity and Management Platform.

Cognida™ delivers trusted blockchain solutions that address the increasingly complex information sharing challenges that enterprises face by allowing them to incorporate decentralized blockchain security features into their existing systems for external and internal sharing of data.

The Cognida Network™ and its open source platform enable enterprises to more securely manage connected devices, systems and shared information using blockchain agnostic technology.

Cognida’s Service Interfaces secure digital assets on the network, enabling enterprise IT administrators to enforce their security policies and establish trusted connected relationships, owning and controlling their data, even when sharing with service providers and third parties.

Enterprises can leverage Cognida’s Service Network Interface to connect to trusted servic networks where they can administer third-party cloud services from a single interface, enabling administrators to manage privacy, access, and security of their data on remote systems through a unified platform.

As enterprises adopt new distributed technologies, the data landscape is evolving away from centralized services maintained behind corporate firewalls to a complex distributed landscape. This trend has corporate data scattered across devices and services outside the enterprises’ administrative control.

The decentralized features of blockchain oer solutions for enterprises to regain control in this distributed data landscape. To onboard these solutions, the gap between enterprises and blockchains must be bridged so that the blockchains’ integrity is not altered and organizations can retain and administer service relationships with trusted service providers.

The Cognida Platform, which has been developed by Windmill Enterprise, solves these disconnects by enabling enterprises to benefit from the advantages of existing blockchain technology to address their growing security and privacy challenges. The Cognida Platform will be released to the open source Cognida Foundation at the launch of the Cognida Service Network.

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  • Michael Hathaway
    Co-Founder, CEO
  • Bing Byington
    Co-Founder, Executive Chairman
  • Wayne Lawler
    Founding Partner, Advisor
  • Frank Fernandez
    Partner, Advisor
  • Josh Jones
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Shari Joseph
    Chief Financial Officer
  • John Burruss
    Director of Customer Engagement
  • Jon Saperia
    Enterprise Architect
  • Michael Anderson
    Software Architect
  • Nick Etson
    Blockchain Security Architect
  • Jon Saperia
  • Dustin Byington
  • Steve Sprague
  • Oliver Birch
  • Dr Nick Davies
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    12,000,000 USD
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