Your Gateway to the Internet of Value
Public Sale Stage 1
Token sale is finished.
Starts September 27 2018
Ends October 25 2018
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    American Samoa, Ethiopia, Guam, Iran, Namibia, North Korea, Pakistan, Palau, Samoa, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Syria, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia, US Virgin Island, Yemen

Built on Paymium’s proven security and technological record. A high level of digital asset protection and safe record of transactions.Built on fair-exchange protocols enabling cryptocurrency atomic swaps to mitigate counter-part risk.Advisory and technology services to execute third-party ICOs. New listing and market making services to foster enhanced token liquidity. is your gateway to the Internet of Value. In the coming Internet of value, decentralized blockchain-operated value networks will become mainstream and compliant, enabling billions of Internet users to exchange value as quickly and as easily as they exchange information today.

Multiple cryptocurrencies will co-exist. Each cryptocurrency will serve the needs of a community of users to securely trade any type of assets, rights, goods, or services thatis of value to them in a decentralized value network, i.e. without supervision by a central authority.

As a cryptocurrency exchange, will play a major role in the Internet of Value’s ecosystem. It will be the marketplace where cryptocurrencies will be traded against each other, a gateway to and a bridge across the multiple value networks powered by different blockchains/cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH). will combine the efficiency of a low-latency full-featured centralized exchange with decentralized “trustless” cross-chain settlement. The project leverages the latest developments in cross-chain atomic swaps, cryptographic protocols, and payment networks such as Lightning and Raiden. These developments will overcome the scalability issues of decentralized blockchains, allow transactions across heterogenous blockchains, increase the speed and lower the cost of these transactions, making them ready for mass adoption. is driven by the highly experienced team of cryptocurrency experts who, seven years ago, founded Paymium, a fiat/bitcoin exchange catering to the underserved Euro market. shares Paymium’s highest security, reliability, and accountability standards. It strives to overcome the shortcomings of rival crypto exchanges that have repeatedly caused severe losses for issuers and token holders. To achieve this, the team relies on its advanced knowledge of cryptographic technology, its operational in-depth understanding of the crypto world, and a strong company culture committed to security and compliance.

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  • Pierre Noizat
    Founder & CEO
  • Dominique Rodrigues
  • Pierre Tavernier
  • Laetitia Zito
  • Anthony Grouselle
    Full-stack Developer
  • Samuel Bezerra
    Mobile Developer and Product Owner
  • Emmanuel Vaillant
    Dev Ops
  • Paul Gaston Gouron
    Full-stack Developer
  • Guillaume Berche
    Partnership Manager
  • Julien Lee Kien On
    Product & Business Operations
  • Anne Bezet
    Head of Communications
  • Victor Labrusse
    Marketing Manager
  • Romain Villa
    Customer Service Manager
  • Jean-Pascal Beaufret
  • François Véron
  • Guillaume Arnaud
  • Georgi Georgiev
  • Eric Poindessault
  • Naviin Kapoor
  • Julian Kaljuvee
  • Lothaire Hains Ferland
  • Cyril Moutran
  • Stéphane Philipakis
  • Frédéric Krebs
  • Philippe Dardier
  • Benjamin Grange
  • Guillaume Seligmann
  • Muriel Goldberg-Darmon
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  • 1
    Q4 2018

    Cryptocurrency Exchange

    Built on Paymium’s proven security and technological record. A high level of digital asset protection and safe record of transactions. High availability and high scalability trade matching engine to sustain a deep orderbook on all pairs.

  • 2
    Q1 2019

    Token Listing & ICO Services

    Advisory and technology services to execute institutional ICOs. New listing to foster enhanced token liquidity.

    Market making

    Proprietary market making algorithms to provide additional liquidity and manage our token inventory

  • 3
    Q2 2019

    Decentralized Settlement

    Decentralized settlement option to enable traders to execute trade orders via cross-chain atomic swaps, leveraging a cryptographic protocol designed specifically for trading, addressing issues of prior protocols such as front-running and grieving.

  • 4
    Q3 2019

    Periodic Auctions

    Transparent auctions several times a day to bootstrap new currency markets with an efficient price discovery mechanism.

  • 5
    Q4 2019

    Margin Trading

    Traders can borrow to open leveraged (or not) long or short positions guaranteed with a security margin.

  • 6
    Q1 2020

    P2P Lending

    Traders borrow money from other platform users or from the inventory for larger amounts.

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  • Public Sale 1
  • Public Sale start
    September 27 2018
  • Public Sale end
    October 25 2018
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    BTC & ETH
  • Hard cap
    20,000,000 USD
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