🎉 Coinaki is Officially Live 🎉
2 October 2018
Jordan Cumming

📰 Headline News

After several long and grueling months, we’re proud to announce the development of our new Coinaki website is complete.

We have come a long way from sending out signals via Telegram to now, and we are proud to show off our new, fully operational ICO and blockchain information aggregator.

Today, we are a community of more than 10,000+ strong, and even though the market has been through both bull and bear runs, you have stuck with us throughout. Thank you.

🖥 Website Launch

Now that the website has officially launched, we wanted to highlight a few key features you can utilize on our platform:
The Coinaki home page is the bulletin board of ICOs we are currently showcasing.

The ICOs are organized into Upcoming, Active and Ended.  Promoted ICOs are in blue and gold, while if the respective project has a Review badge, quite simply it was reviewed.

Next we dive right into the essential information we require when exploring what the ICO has to offer.

As you can see, the top half of the ICO page is all the basic information you need such as the basic token specifics, social links, about sections and video.  As you scroll down the page we get more of the specific information including details about the Team, Financial, Roadmap, and Graphs (Token allocation/Use of Funds).

With a focus on ICOs and Blockchain specifics, we have our News section focused on original content from community members active in the blockchain industry.

Lastly, as you already know we are focused on helping out emerging blockchain companies develop real-world products that add value to the growing decentralized ecosystem!

❤️ Thanks Again.

We hope you get a lot of value from Coinaki and our community, and we look forward to chatting with you soon. If you have any questions, concerns or require any ICO services feel free to drop us a line here.

All the best

Jordan Cumming,
Founder & CEO

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